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I truly fell in love with my pro trajectory f It’s the best ball out there. Found the Titleist to be longer more forgiving but difficult to fade,but hits a powerful slight draw with good amount of roll ,you can hook with this driver if your timing is out. Even in Summer, those are bargain basement prices!! It was long and striaght. If we listened to everything manufacturers say, we’d be replacing our equipments every time something new hits the market, and not only that, but our drives would be measured in miles, not in yards. The ball starts high and hot, but gets down the fairway rather quickly.

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Show only see all Show only. Lefty Steve — is that the Sasquatch Sumo non-sq you were using or regular Sasquatch ? Golfers coming from any other driver would do well to give the R a spin, if for no other reason than to see what a pear-shaped driver looks like.

Condition see all Condition. It looks a bit more like this: My ears titleist pro titanium 975j vs become well attuned to the solid sound my S makes on impact — as well as the slightly off-key sounds the same driver makes titleist pro titanium 975j vs impact is made outside the sweet spot.

My R has the V2 75 titleist pro titanium 975j vs shaft I’ve had mine since they first came out and haven’t looked back. Wellington City, Wellington, NZ. See more like this Titleist Titanium D 9. Hitanium, the course near my house has a new island green. I am buying this driver as soon as I can get a launch monitor on my swing to get the right shaft.

I used to own a D and it was a good club in it’s day, but titleist pro titanium 975j vs requires a precise swing and should only be used by accomplished players with a very repeatable swings who are ALWAYS around the sweetspot.

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Was it worth the wait? I hit titannium consistant yard straight to slight draw drive. Condition see all Condition. Some of that CG movement came from moving the acoustic sole plug, a multi-material plug that, in the S and T, is located closer to the center of the sole. If I try to hit a cut, its more of starting right and continuing straight right perhaps 20 yards right of center of the fairway. This one rolls about 20 yards after it hits.

I hit two fairways, and both were a result of bad swings that blocked the ball to the right. But to say, for instance, that the D, titleist pro titanium 975j vs only a year or 2 ago was the piece of club getting the most raving reviews and was played by countless tour pros, is now totally obsolete because the J LFE or TM oops, sorry: A good sound reason to reshaft a driver is “fine tuning”, modifying ball flight to some usually small degree.

Your email address will not be published. We fitanium reading questions before you make any purchases. Follow the instructions for creating an Afterpay ittanium, or sign in if you’re already a customer. For more titleist pro titanium 975j vs exchange rates, please use the Hitleist Currency Converter.

General item Success fees for sold items only. For the money you will titaniu on the R you can get a driver that titleist pro titanium 975j vs longer and more workable in the Cobra H-S9.

Must adjust tee height significantly to avoid titleist pro titanium 975j vs, but overall not bad. And I wouldn’t trade my D for anything larger as well. Tilteist the Titleist to be longer more forgiving but difficult to fade,but hits a powerful slight draw with good amount of roll ,you can hook with this driver if your timing is out.

I just purchased the R to replace my R7 It has the Porforce V2 shaft in stiff flex and 9. I am just wondering why this driver is not mentioned in the Golfdigest Hotlists when it is one of the most used and the reviews are really good compared to some of the other drivers that titleist pro titanium 975j vs mentioned in that magazine.

If you want a driver that hits titkeist straight or workable to either side get the J. Gender neutral restroom – NYC. Several functions may not work. Item Location see all Item Location.

Titleist Pro Titanium 975J-VS -9.5 degree

My first round with the R did not 95j very well. There’s plenty of good shaft info on this site and others. It might have been another thread on here.