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Receive Untrusted E-mail Set whether or not to receive untrusted e-mails such as an e-mail with expired certificate attached or no certificate attached. It depends on the application you use. Index Send from Mailbox Related Information Sources We provide the following guides for optimum usage of the machine. Open the cover gently. POP3 is for receiving only. Please adhere to the following when setting paper into the tray Align the stack of paper neatly before setting it in the tray.

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Enter up to 20 single-byte characters using the keyboard displayed or apeosport-ik numeric keypad. E-mail Sets the selected address as BCC. Continuous form paper 15 x 12″ []: Select the item to be set.

When a phone conversation took place, including the one before a transmission. Image View Kit Previews images stored in mailboxes.

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Job Status 11 Job Status This chapter describes the job status feature. Page 15 Appendix You can configure each setting on the [Tools] screen. Step 1 Fax Settings Active Coordinate Area, Scaling: The [2-up] setting prints two pages onto one sheet of paper.

CentreWare Internet Services allows you to import documents from a machine’s mailbox to a computer through no application software. Remove the jammed staples as shown in the figure. Unable to open a mailbox. Remove the tab from the new staple cartridge as shown.

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Network-related Problems 14 Problem Solving Network-related Problems This section describes how to resolve network related problems. It sets up a private mailbox on a provider’s e-mail server, and receives messages when a communication is made.

Cancels deleting the stored program. Screen The screen that is displayed on the touch screen. Printing and Deleting Stored Documents Printing and Deleting Stored Documents Fuji xerox apeosport-ii 4000 section describes how to print or delete documents stored with the Secure Print or Sample Print feature, or stored with the charge print receiving control.

The document is not Cause The document is too small. Page 5 Tools Tray 5. This section describes how to enter text. CG Times Bold Italic [46]: Error Code Error Code Cause and Remedy [Cause] The card has come off, or its charge including fuji xerox apeosport-ii 4000 or message rate is insufficient.

Adjust the copy density or image quality, or specify for [Background Suppression]. Root entry only – Searches the root level only. Auto According to the enabled features, the machine automatically selects [Collated] or [Uncollated].

Page Overview of Authentication and Accounting Feature – The number of charging units is not counted for the following communications: You can enter the following characters: It contains the scanned document image and the transmission result.

If the message persists, record the content displayed for [ xxx-yyy ]. Operational Safety To avoid the risk of electric shock and a fire accident, switch off and unplug the product promptly in the following conditions, then contact fuji xerox apeosport-ii 4000 local Fuji Xerox representative. Copy Tab – Features Allocation An original size is assigned to each of the 11 buttons other than [Auto Size Detect].

When the relay station ID is “00” Page 4 Fax Superfine dpi Select this item when transmitting documents with extremely fine images. Cause The login name is not entered correctly.

First Name Enter a recipient’s first name up to 32 characters. Replacing Consumables It may catch fire by electric sparks inside a vacuum fuji xerox apeosport-ii 4000 and cause explosion. For information on the background patterns, refer to “Background Pattern” Fuji xerox apeosport-ii 4000. Page 83 Apeoport-ii Information Set each item. When you only want to copy to the outside of the cover, insert a blank sheet of paper for the page that will become the inside of the cover.

Stick the supplied xreox into the old stamp cartridge, and pull it straight out of the machine.

These values are approximate and may vary depending on the paper type, size, and orientation of the original documents. You can apeosport-iii whether a job has been completed successfully. On the [Document Fuji xerox apeosport-ii 4000 screen, select documents. For information on the paper size settings, refer to “Paper Size Settings” Common Settings Auto Print Set the time period to start the next print job after finishing a copy operation.

Send to Relay, Print at Local Sends a fuji xerox apeosport-ii 4000 to the relay station specified by the machine, and also prints on the machine. For more information, contact our Customer Support Center.

Scan Service The items you can manage for scan jobs using the Auditron Administration feature are as follows. Index Fax Server Report