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Events Detectable in the Voic Serial interface operation only. Data Commands The modem will respond to the commands detailed below. Initiates local analog loopback, V. Vgs – Speaker Gain Response: The long-form results codes can be modified by the OEM through the. Frm – Receive Facsimile Reported if loss-of-carrier is detected.

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F – Restore Factory Configuration profile Terminates test in progress. If no numbers are blacklisted, only the OK result code is issued.

Normal connection Default Fast acc without answer tone V. Selects MNP error-correction mode. If a connection exists when this command is issued, the modem hangs up. Number of retrains initiated by the modem. Line In Use is bit 0 and extension pick-up is bit 1.

RATOC Windows 7動作確認状況

The modem has connected to the line at bps and carrier reporting is enabled. Result Codes 0 – 2 in V.

V42B Conexant C Send a break in sequence with received data to DTE. Serial interface operation only. A result code of 25 will be left conesant S86 register. Dte-modem Interface Commands S14 bit 2.

Any character entered during the connect sequence will abort the connection attempt. Got it, continue to print.


The range is 0 – MNP is in use. DTR drop causes the modem to hang up. Reporting Current or Selected Values: Parameters may be “set” to store a value or values for later use”read” to determine the current value or values storedor “tested” to determine whether or not the conexant usb cx93010 acf modem implements the parameter, and the ranges of values conecant.

MOH with indefinite timeout Granted. Symmetric rates are displayed as a single DCE rate, e.

A fixed value of zero is used and reported. Compression is omitted if protocol is NONE. Result Codes in V. Also, see Section 3. The value b is written to S22 bits 6, 5, and 4, respectively.

Play silence with a duration of ms. A numeral indicates which less explicit message verbose or short form will be output for that X option. MOH with 6 minute timeout Granted. The modem can conexant usb cx93010 acf modem awakened by the host sending a single any character typically followed by an AT command.

For the default setting Autobaud. Disable in-band reporting for this circuit. S5 – Backspace Character 3. Enable in-band reporting for this circuit. K – Flow Control Decimal number corresponding to the selected option. Select Data Mode Section 1. Decimal number corresponding to the selected option. Modulation Control Commands,,,,,conexant usb cx93010 acf modem,V. This command causes the modem to initialize all voice parameters to their default values.

Conexant CX93010 Reference Manual

If no carrier is detected within a period specified in register S7, the modem hangs up. The value b is written to S27 bits 3, 1, and 0, respectively. Fax Class 1 Answering Sequenc